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And by the way, you know, when you're telling these little stories? Here's a good idea – have a POINT.

Screenplay Coverage

Special Offer for London Screenwriters’ Festival 2018 – Coming Soon!

Please email me for current availability: chimp@thefifthape.co.uk

If your screenplay is longer than 120 pages, please contact me for additional costs.

View a sample script report here.

You’ve finally done it! You’ve written your screenplay! You’ve typed “Fade Out”, closed your laptop and experienced sunlight for the first time in three months…

First off – Congratulations. Huge Congratulations. You’re a God Damn Writer. Remember that. Hold on to that.

But now the question you’re dying to have answered is: “Is it any good?”

We, as writers have all asked that question. The worst part? It’s very hard to answer it on your own. So, what now? Pass it on to family and friends? Definitely – Get another pair of eyes to look at your “baby” and see what they think. Daunting I know, but you’ve got to let the words see the light of day or it is guaranteed to fail. And you know what? Family and friends are a great start. They’ll pick out the obvious errors, maybe correct spelling and punctuation etc, but ultimately, you’ll get feedback like:

“I thought it was really good”, “You’ve obviously got a lot of talent”, “I liked it” And “I’m so proud of you.”

Great for the ego, not so great for the screenplay.

That’s where a Script Reader comes in. Or, to be a little self-promoting, that’s where I come in.

Why me?

  • I am an optioned screenwriter.
  • I have been represented by one of the UK’s top agencies.
  • I have been exactly where you are now.
  • I have attended the UK’s top Script Reading Courses – Breaking into Script Reading with the amazing Lucy V. Hay.
  • And Effective Script Reading with Evan Leighton-Davis at Industrial Scripts.
  • I have an excellent track record with previous clients on Fiverr.
  • I am damn good at it.

The report will be broken down into several sections, each with some “how to fix it” notes. The areas covered include formatting, spelling & punctuation, Characters, Dialogue, action and plot.

The report will be a minimum of 1,250 words and costs £50 for screenplays of 120 pages or less. If you have something longer than that, get in touch and we can discuss additional costs.

I am very busy so if you want a quick turnaround please email me for current availability.

Once you’re happy to proceed, just click the button below (or at the top of the page) and I will contact you asap.

Feedback from the Script reading courses:

Synopsis is refreshingly concise, but contains all key story beats” and “Certainly of industry-standard” – Evan Leighton-Davis

“All in all, your report is excellent” and “You summarise well at the end and I LOVE your idea…” Lucy V. Hay

Feedback from my Fiverr customers:

“Same excellent coverage. Delivered just as described.” – ***** Review

“High quality, insightful comments and on time delivery”- ***** Review

“Very helpful comments on the overall story.” – ***** Review

“Excellent job. Overdelivered. Will re-hire.” – ***** Review

“Very detailed and very pro service. Will use again. Impressive.” – ***** Review

“Excellent constructive criticism. Exactly what I needed to help boost my script to the next level. Will definitely use again!” – ***** Review

“Thank you for the detailed and constructive feedback!” – ***** Review

“Thanks so much! Above and beyond expectation.” – ***** Review

“Looks excellent. Please let me know when you’re available for more projects. Thank you!” – ***** Review



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