A Meat Bag with a Pen

And by the way, you know, when you're telling these little stories? Here's a good idea – have a POINT.

Let’s Talk About… Me!

“Who are you?”

Good question. I am a Writer. There. I said it. I am also a Script Reader. One head, two hats.

The Writer

I am a writer. A half decent, under achieving, dogged writer. But a writer none the less. Perhaps in the same way as I am also a footballer, just because I once kicked a ball against a wall when I was ten, or that I’m a chef because I did once manage to cook beans on toast without burning the toast (I burnt the beans, but that’s another story).

I have been on the periphery of the film industry for quite some time now – For a while I even dipped my toes into its beautiful warm waters – Screenplay option, big agency representation, lunch with the stars – That kind of thing. For a while.

And now? I am still a writer. Why? Simple:

“Never stop fighting till the fight is done.” – E. Ness

The Script Reader

I am also a script reader. This is a new addition to my skillset, having attended Lucy V. Hay’s wonderful course, “Breaking into Script Reading”, earlier this year. And you know what? I think I’m pretty damn good at it.

If you are looking for Screenplay coverage, then head here for a full breakdown on what I offer, along with plenty of quotes from happy clients and some excellent feedback from Lucy herself.

Oh, and one last thing – You can’t beat drinking a nice cool glass of sangria while wearing a shirt covered in pineapples.

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