A Meat Bag with a Pen

And by the way, you know, when you're telling these little stories? Here's a good idea – have a POINT.


About me:

I am a dedicated and imaginative Screenwriter located at the centre of the universe (Chesterfield, Derbyshire). I am more than happy to try my hand at different writing mediums and to that end, I have also written three sci-fi/fantasy novels. When I’m not writing my own ideas, I tend to be reading other people’s, currently establishing myself as an up-and-coming independent Script Reader.


Working mainly in science fiction, I have written several feature-length screenplays, including “Life Signs” which is currently under option for the 2nd time with Unstoppable Entertainment (Noel Clarke, writer/director of Adulthood, & Brotherhood).

Taking on dual roles, I both wrote and produced the short film Sweet N’ Sour Recessionstarring Georgina Sherrington (The Worst Witch) and Mark Kempner (The World’s End, Kill List).

Credits: (IMDB)

“Sweet n Sour Recession” (2010) – Writer & Producer.

“Vacation Hunter” (2013) – Co-writer.

“Rodentia” (2015) – Writer.

“Arose” (2017) – Writer.

“Life Signs” (2014 – present) – Writer. Optioned screenplay (2010 to 2014 & 2017 – present).

Feedback for my screenplays:

Absolutely gripping, well written and such an original idea.” – Unstoppable Entertainment

We plan very big things for this script and for Paul in the future and are very happy to have him on board– Unstoppable Entertainment

Life Signs is so strong, with a lot of depth.– Independent Talent

“The premise is intriguing and has a lot of potential.” – The Black List

“Excellent, chilling, highly visual and inventive.” – NYC Midnight Short Script Competition

“It’s great to find someone writing stuff like this. Kinda reminds me of an old Tales from The Crypt/Twilight Zone vibe” – Jack Pirie (Director)

Script Reader:

I am an experienced, independent Script Reader offering screenplay coverage for short and feature-length screenplays and have attended both “Effective Script Reading” hosted by Evan Leighton-Davis (Industrial Scripts) and “Breaking into Script Reading” hosted by script guru Lucy V. Hay (Bang2Write). I received the following course feedback:

Synopsis is refreshingly concise, but contains all key story beats” and “Certainly of industry-standard” – Evan Leighton-Davis

“All in all, your report is excellent” and “You summarise well at the end and I LOVE your idea…” Lucy V. Hay


I have been represented by both Independent Talent and 42 M&P. I am currently looking for new representation.

Current Projects:

First Born (Feature)

Genre: Sci-fi / Fantasy

Logline: When a selfless care worker discovers that her new client has a dark past, she must battle against a horrifying evil to save both her village and the people she loves.

Red Ball (Feature)

Genre: Sci-fi

Logline: When a bankrupt millennial is given the chance to take part in a sinister game he is rewarded with enormous wealth but is soon fighting for his life as the contestants turn on each other, desperate to survive.

The Chair (Feature)

Genre: Sci-fi

Logline: When the lines between reality and fantasy blur during the testing of a prototype VR game, a timid gamer accused of murder must go on the run as he tries desperately to clear his name.

Blue Rinse (Feature)

Genre: Action Comedy

Logline: When a teenage delinquent is caught joyriding, she is sent to the countryside to live with her estranged Grandmother, but a dark secret from the past propels her into a race against time to save both herself and her family.

Final Call (Short)

Genre: Horror

Logline: After a soul-sapping day at work, a highly-strung businessman tries to relax in a deserted train station, but he is not alone and his day from hell is only just beginning.

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