Anyone who has read my blog recently (and I know, it’s not many of you) will have seen what a complete fool I made of myself at the London Screenwriters’ Festival in 2009. If you haven’t, you can read about it here.

It’s taken me nine years to return to the Festival, although I must be honest and say that my “cock-up” wasn’t the main reason I haven’t attended again until now.

The big question is – “Did I make a fool of myself once again?”

In short, the answer is no. BUT I ALMOST made an error in a completely different kind of way:

Before I went to the Festival I uploaded a blog containing a special offer for my script reading services – The first 5 people who uploaded a photo of my business card to Twitter would receive a free script report.

This didn’t work for two reasons:

One – I am Goddamn awful at networking – If you saw a guy standing on his own, pretending to be on his phone – That was me…

And Two – And this is far more important – I decided very quickly not to hand out my “Script Reader” business cards.


Because it felt wrong. It felt like an attempt to take an advantage of the situation. It almost felt like a betrayal to my fellow screenwriters. The feeling I got from the Festival more than anything else is this:

“We are all in this together”

We were all there to learn, to pitch, to have fun, to talk to likeminded people and remind ourselves how much we love to write. We are a “siblinghood”. It doesn’t matter what “stage” in our careers we are – everyone is in it together.

With all this in mind, I have decided to offer a different “deal” for my script reports:

Anyone who uploads a photo of their LSF badge (RoboCop!) to my twitter or Facebook account will receive a free script report. Not just the first 5 – Anyone. No strings attached. Just one writer helping another.

I will contact you directly and we can discuss timeframes etc.

Max page count is 120 (cos if its longer, that’s probably the first thing you should fix).

Offer ends on September 30th.

If you want to read about my screenplay coverage you can click here.

Thanks for listening and Happy Writing!