Name: Sweet n’ Sour Recession Year: 2010
Pages: 8 Genre: Satire
Script Review:
The Good: Very timely and relevant.  Fun and creative idea.  Clean writing. There is a very clever idea at the heart here. The Bad: This piece relies too heavily on dialogue, and has a lack of ‘movement’ to it.
Screenplay link: Sweet n’ Sour Recession

Sweet n’ Sour was another entry into the NYCMM, in the same year as HairRaiser. Although this one didn’t win the group, it did come in the top five and was enough to put me through into the next round. I am pretty sure I snuck into the final that year too.

I had never even attempted a satire before – That is one of the beauties of NYCMM, it gives you genres you’d never have attempted otherwise.

A couple of years later this script was made into a nice little short film starring the fantastic Georgina Sherrington (ITV’s The Worst Witch) and the wonderful Mark Kempner (The World’s End, Kill List).

The version of the script on here is the one we used for the film, although even that changed in the final edits.

Click on the link above for the screenplay and if you fancy watching the finished film you can find it here:

Georgina is attending the London Screenwriters’ Festival this year (2018) – If you see her around be sure to mention Sweet n’ Sour Recession!