As a writer, you get used to rejection. Okay, you might not get “used” to it, but it happens a lot. A LOT. The tough news is that the more frequently you get your stuff out there, in other words, the braver and the less protective you are about your material, the more times you’ll get hit firmly between the eyes with that blunt instrument called “it’s a no from me.”

It is important to stay POSITIVE and have BELIEF.

With that in mind, this page is intended as a little “pep me up”, a place where I list my victories, however small. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a long list of optioned screenplays, more a list of positive feedback about my writing.

The quotes below relate to both my short and feature screenplays, all of which I will keep anonymous and none of which have been written by my mum…

“absolutely gripping, well written and such an original idea”

“… so strong, with a lot of depth.”

“I really enjoyed it, you’re the best screenwriter in the world and I love you very much” *

“The premise is intriguing and has a lot of potential.”

“The dialogue is tremendously funny — distinctive voices, paced well.”

“very visual & punchy.”

“I really enjoyed this script!  Clever.  Funny.  Strong dialogue.”

“told engagingly and well, with originality”

“It’s a brilliantly clever story and the balance between the two ‘twists’ is exciting.”

“I loved the screenplay! I thought it was really original and quirky.”

“There is a very clever idea at the heart here.”

“Very timely and relevant.  Fun and creative idea.”

“sensitively handled and convincing right up to the moment the twist is revealed”

“Quite an unexpected ending, made even more affecting by the tinge of tenderness in the writing.”

“Excellent, chilling, highly visual and inventive.”

“I absolutely loved this short. Genuinely horrifying.”

“It’s great to find someone writing stuff like this. Kinda reminds me of an old Tales from The Crypt/Twilight Zone vibe”

“The writing is strong, and the execution is clean”

“Great job on building suspense and mystery. Very interesting theme”

“Great characters, snappy repartee, and a delicious plot that satisfies from beginning to end”

“A warm story that develops well”

“You have created a very likeable and sympathetic character in Joe which makes the script more horrific.”

“The world of the story feels vivid and visceral.”

“It was very well written and pretty fast paced.”


* Okay – That one IS from my mum. **

** Actually, I wrote it, but I’m sure she won’t mind.