After coming to the conclusion that I will very quickly run out things to say on this website I have made the dangerous decision to upload a few of my old short screenplays for you guys to take a look at.

I have decided to upload them as they were written – In other words without (almost) any “hindsight improvements” – So there will be errors!

Important Note: They are NOT necessarily a reflection of my current writing ability – Unless you think any of them are amazing and then in which case, they are!

There will be plenty of scripts I won’t be posting – False starts, terrible ideas and general god awfulness will be the criteria that keep them far away from the internet.

You will also find that a large number of screenplays were written for a competition called NYC Midnight Madness (NYCMM) which set writers the challenge of coming up with a 5-page screenplay in 48 hours. A genre, an object, and a location were given to the writer and they had to use all three in their screenplay. I entered this a few times over the years – It was a great way to actually “get on with it” – Nothing says “write” like an impending deadline.

At the top of each post, there will be a rundown of the script including the number of pages and any reviews I got at the time (both good and bad), followed by a brief intro and a pdf attachment of the screenplay that you can read online / download if you wish.

And just in case any budding filmmakers are reading my posts, please feel free to get in touch if you fancy making one or more of them…

First up – “HairRaiser