Name: HairRaiser Year: 2008
Pages: 6 Genre: Horror
The Good: Clever.  Funny.  Strong dialogue.  Nice touch naming The Barber Mr. Todd. Nice character in the barber.  Somewhat familiar type story, but told engagingly and well, with originality. The Bad: Closer proofreading next time; Spellcheck isn’t going to catch everything for you. The beginning starts a little slow and without incident. Could be a little more chemistry in that first scene.
PDF link: HairRaiser

The first script I’m putting up here is not the first one I ever wrote, but it is the first script I ever put out into the wilds of the world. You can see from “The Bad” review above that I had a problem with proofreading and spellchecker. Don’t worry I’ve lernt my lessan and you wont find any erors in this poste.

It was written for something called the NYC Midnight Madness competition (NYCMM) – 48 hours to write a 5-page screenplay that must contain the following:

Genre: Horror
Location: Barber’s Shop
Item: Rocking Chair

HairRaiser placed first in my group in round one of the competition.

When I first checked the results (online) I couldn’t find my name, expecting it to be somewhere mid-table or down at the bottom. It was only when I scrolled up to the very top did I see it – I remember a great wave of emotion wash over me – This was the first time that someone in the industry (a judge) had given me “recognition”.

A small victory, yes, but any crumb of hope and belief is much appreciated (and needed).

I had a few film makers interested in making the film – one of whom was a BBC producer, but as is often the case, it did not come to pass.

As with all the screenplays on here – If you fancy a stab at filming it, give me a shout!

Click on the pdf link at the top for the screenplay.